Press kit

350 Parisians to show you their Paris and its surrounding neighborhoods and its hidden treasures

Paris Greeters are impassioned volunteer ambassadors. They offer national and foreign visitors the opportunity to discover Paris and its surrounding neighborhoods in the company of people who live there.

Founded in 2006, more than 50000 visitors to date, 2500 strolls / 6000 visitors each year from over 100 different countries.

The objective of our association Paris Greeters is to share its love of the city by showing national and foreign visitors sights off the beaten track, daily life experience, hidden and little known treasures…all the things that are cherished by our volunteers.

In love with their city, they wish to share their knowledge and their way of life with tourists; they are from all backgrounds and are either working or in retirement.

Our association is a member of FFG (Federation of French greeters) and IGA (International Greeters Association)


Our walk are organized throughout the year and can be conducted in the language choice of the visitor : French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and a few rarer languages
We are also happy to organize walks for visitors with physical disabilities for which we have a number of trained volunteers
Each volunteer proposes his own special walk and the hidden secrets of his particular neighborhood; walks will last for 2 hours and more depending on the availability of the visitors and volunteers
The walks are organized for small groups (up to 6 persons, family or friends)
Visitors who wish to take part in a walk should connect to our site and complete the request; noting subjects of interest, the number of persons in the group, dates available in Paris and the language required for the walk

Our association is member of FFG (Fédération Française des Greeters) and IGA (International Greeter Association).

Our volunteers are not paid and do not accept personal tips. However our association encourages visitors to make donations to help cover our operating expenses: a fully secured on line system of payment can be accessed from our site
Finally our Greeters will be happy to give information on professional services available in Paris for excursions, hotels, restaurants, theatre and concerts…